I've been asked if I have ADD. Attention Defecit Disorder.
The answer is 'no' or 'probably not.'
I think saying you have ADD is like givin' yourself a Hall Pass to be a flake.
So, if that's the case, then 'probably not' turns to 'maybe so.'
What's that? Hold up, I gotta go check something.
Okay, I'm back. Yea, so where was I.
Right. ADD. A real tricky disease that makes you and everyone around you feel incapable of holding a conversation that won't end awkwardly.
Huh? One second. Gotta go water the lawn.
Okay. Back. That was great. Watered it real good.
No I didn't. Don't have a lawn. I had to take out the trash.
This is insane, I love typing.