Sunday's Thoughts

I know a lot of people that do great Artwork. But if they ever said that they do Works of Art, they'd immediately be viewed as an arrogant ass-monkey. What's the difference? Artwork. Works of Art. It's a simple rearranging of the two main words and then inserting an 'of'.'
But it really makes all the difference between being a humble servant to the craft and an arrogant ass-monkey.
Also, I've been thinking a lot about names and how you stereotype people upon hearing their name. Take Habeeb, for instance. An image pops into your head, don't act like it doesn't. You know what Habeeb looks like, right? Of course you do.
Wellp, you're wrong. I've got a friend named that and he looks like me. I call me Hab for short.
Take Jim. Good ol' Jim, right? You know Jim. Everyone knows Jim and what he looks like. You stereotype the name to an image. But again, you're wrong. Jim's a terrorist. See?
Stereotypes. Don't make them. They're bad for you.
Unless you come across a 'Candy,' in which case you should sterotype away, because they're always a stripper.
Justin Claus HarderComment