Let's talk for a second. Do you have time? If you're busy, then by all means. If you're reading these words as I type them, then you're who I want to talk with. You. I guess I can't be addressing this directly to YOU, but I think it's more to the 'idea' of YOU, a person on the other side of these pixels. I hope that your mind is open.
If your mind is closed, please let me know what its hours are, and I'll try back then.
'Nothing Gold can stay,' said Ponyboy. I think he was right. And wrong. He was both right and wrong. Because Gold CAN stay. It can stay forever (and ever). The thing that can't stay is Silver. Silver will leave. But Gold can stay. For dinner. For drinks. For the night. For life. Gold is always welcome. We all want Gold. I think we all strive for it, in some back corner (or front corner) of our psyche, I belive that we're all searching for Gold. I can't speak for eveyone I've met, I suppose, and I think some people I've met could give two shits about Gold. And that's sad. But that's not me. That's them.
I've seen Gold. Have you? I've seen it in the Tramp's eyes. I've seen it on Youtube. I've seen it on the street. It's different for everyone, I guess.
Silver will leave. It's like getting coffee. Happens once a day. And it will pick you up for about an hour, then quickly dissipate and leave you wanting more.
But Gold. That will stay. You'll never forget it.

Symbolism is a tricky bitch. I lost myself up there.
Justin Claus HarderComment