Blink again

The group that got me away from RAP is back together. The group that got me into yelling and screaming and acting like the kid I am *and that we all are* got back together.
Blink 182 announced that they're coming back this Summer. Something inside me screamed "HELL YES!"
I don't care how old I am. I don't care how trendy or poppy everyone thinks they are. It matters not. All it matters is that those 2 dudes are gonna sing more songs.
and that's an unusually comforting thought to me. It's positive.
You either love em or ya hate em, and the latter usually does so because they grew OUT of Blink. They grew up and Blink never did. Isn't that the good part, though?
I think so. I'll buy whatever they sell regardless.
Justin Claus Harder1 Comment