Smile and Wave

So I've got a big Expedtion truck that I drive in. It's massive. And I like to cut people off in it. I don't really use blinkers, they're not for me. I don't speed really, I just kinda putz. I putz around and I cut people off. And when they get mad and look at me angry, I just smile and wave to them. And it always makes them un-angry.
How can you possibly stay mad at an idiot that does that? He's harmless. Ya kinda feel sorry that ya even got mad in the first place. Once that hand pops up, and the smile splashes? Defused.
So I've been trying it in other areas of life, too. Been spreading it around to see if it works as well in normal society as it does out there on the asphalt. I've had mixed results. I tipped a guy a buck on a 23 dollar meal. I smiled and waved as I left. He was livid. Then I tried it with this client who I did some commercial designs for. They were expecting about 7-10 solid concepts. I gave em 1 half-concept and a board I did 2 years ago. And then the smile and wave, of course. Not happy. The smile and wave came up short.
It seems to not work as well when I'm not in the Expedition. Maybe the sheer size of it overpowers people and the smile and wave lead them to believe I've lost it.
Either way, it seems the frown and the flick off are the immediate responses to the smile and wave.
Like a couple superheroes vs. a couple supervillians.
Smile and Wave take on Frown and Flick.
Battle Royale.
I'm tired.
Justin Claus HarderComment