Shoe Thrower

First off, to coin Austin Powers---Who throws a shoe?
But more importantly---Who throws a shoe and misses?
How embarassing. You're already throwing a garment. And then ya miss. Serves him right.
W showed house-cat like reflexes as he expertly dodged those flying projectiles.
And the reporter? This 'reporter'? He'd been throwing shoes his whole life, practicing into the wee hours on cardboard cut-outs of our President, and he took his 2 shots at the carnival press and missed. No prize awarded. Next in line, please.
A little back story on our shoe-tosser. When he was in grade school in Iraq he had thrown his sandals at every child in his class and connected. When he got to high school, after receiving the 'Most Likely to Throw a Shoe' Award he tossed his loafers at the principal, knocking him unconscious. In Iragi college, he was captain of the debate team. There was no shoe-throwing team.
And now, he stands tall in the press room and screams loud and hurls his shoe straight at our President's face.
And W dodged. W dodged!
And as a result, completely foils an entire lifetime of preparation from Mr. Shoe Thrower.
Take that you cowardly swine.
W made him look like the fool he is.
If that would have connected, W never would have heard the end of it.
Fabio sure hasn't. Course' that wasn't a shoe that smashed Fabio's face, but a bird, but ya get the point.
Justin Claus HarderComment