Fallon at the Improv

Saw Jimmy Fallon at the Addison Improv last night. I went into it not really expecting much. I've seen him in on SNL back in the day and I always remember him ruining sketches with his incessant giggling and inability to keep a straight face. Some people like that about him...I thought it was a little bush-league.
But Jules and I went with a group of friendo's to check his stand up out regardless. I don't ever goto these types of things. Not that I don't care to, it's just that I never really seek them out. But this opportunity fell into my lap so I spanked it.
And I'm glad I did. Holy Canary. I haven't laughed like that in awhile. The two guys before Fallon absolutely killed. And then fallon gets up there, not 15 feet away, and has his guitar.
He plays, he sings, he does impressions. He just overall kills. His humor was of the 'funny cause it's true' variety, which seems to be the only humor worth a damn when it comes to being a stand-up. We've all thought it, and know exactly what he's talking's just that he's saying it. And he's finding the humor in the smallest things imaginable. All the comedians talked about what they knew, and I could relate to most everything they were tossing up. Lots of 80's references. How technology has come such a long way. Look officer I like driving without my console lights on.
The second comic was drunk. He actually told us he was hammered. I thought we would all be on some hidden videotape footage of when the drunk comic just drowned on stage, laugh laugh, whatta an idiot, awkward silence, we paid for this? But then he kept going and got rolling and rolling. Started building momentum. And then I saw why he was up there. Because he just needed to warm it up. Feel the crowd out. And soon enough, he demolished. I was hitting the table while I laughed. Which is when you know it's a good laugh. When you're forced to smack something.
But Fallon was the headliner, so he gets to feast after the first 2 dudes warmed us up. He did this little squirt gun routine where he made the sound of a tiny squirt gun from when we were kids. The one that gets filled up with a teaspoon of water? And I literally tinkled right then and there. He sang like Timberlake and did his radio dj impression, which is a doosey.
Then he did a bit where he sang all the hits from the 80's to MC Hammer's Can't Touch This. All of them. And they all fit in perfectly with the beat.
So, in long story short. I will be watching when Fallon takes over for Conan next year. The dude's out of control funny. Plus he just killed some idiot drunk woman in the crowd that thought she should be onstage too. She interjected during one of his bits and he played with her for a second then just told her a nice way.
It's odd that people come to comedy clubs, get drunk and feel they can add to the jokes of the comic. Like they secretly think they're funnier.
Just listen to the person ya paid to listen to and shut the mouth. If they really start bombing, which I can't foresee happening with a guy as well known as Fallon, then maybe ya give em a boo-hiss.
Toss some sugar packets on stage.
Tip your water over.
Really show em who's boss.
Justin Claus HarderComment