I woke up early today and went to the gym. I did my usual routine and then left the gym. I had used the gym for all I needed it for today so I left it. You can't stay at the gym all day, it's simply a place to visit briefly, every once in a while.
But to the reason for my blogging today.
I pulled up to a stop light down the road from the gym and I noticed a bum standing in the median.
Oh boy, I thought. Windows up. Act like ya don't see him. No, don't look at me. I'm sure you've fallen on rough times, but for cryin out loud you're wearing Nikes, how bad can it be?
Here he comes, time to ignore. Open the phone up. No way I missed a call face. Geez, who could this be face.
I broke my act and looked up at the man. He was older and he had an upside down thatch cornucopia thingie in his hand where the change was supposed to go. 'Supposed to' being the key words, cause he wasn't seeing a cent from me, this filthy begger.
He got up to my window and he smiled big. His eyes were set deep in his head, but had a shine to them that defied the threads he was wearing.
'Anything would help.' he said through his big smile.
Heard that one before, bum. Nice try.
'Howsabout some 'Expeditionary' change,' he said as he pointed to the side of my Expedition. His smile could light a fire.
I gave in. He made a comment unique to my situation. That takes a little more effort than the usual crap they throw at you.
I reached into my console and grabbed all of my change and handed it to him out the window. I think it was probably about 5 bucks worth.
He smiled again and said these words, which will be forever etched in my head until the day I die.
'I may be a tramp, but I've got a spirit that nobody can take away. Because Jesus gave it to me.' He smiled again and I said 'You're damn right you do. God Bless You, my friend.'
He did a little shuffle-dance step and smiled again.
The light turned green and forced me to go.
I drove off wanting to give him more.
It's not often in life when you come across truth. Something so pure and real that nothing can tarnish it's truth.
That man was homeless and begging for money on a street corner, yet his spirit could not be broken. Because Jesus gave it to him. That's the only reason. As far as I know, he had nothing. But his spirit could not be taken away.
It could not be taken away because Jesus GAVE it to him.
To me, that's beautiful and real. Being above your current dilemmas and problems and seeing the BIG picture.
Now, I know there is the possibility that he could be really good at using lines like that to appeal to suckers like me. In that case, God Bless him anyway, because it worked.
I'd like to think that I know a phony when I see one. I don't think he was a phony, but I've been wrong before.
In fact, I think he was an angel.
Either way, I'll never forget him.
Justin Claus Harder1 Comment