'Buttoned Up'

I've found a phrase that I simply can't stand. 'Buttoned up.' I'm not sure when this phrase started, but I can tell you this my friend, I wish it didn't. Start, that is. I wish it never caught on. Whenever I hear it I want to find a kitten and soak it in water. It makes me want to grab an old lady's walker and toss em it into oncoming traffic.
Hearing that phrase makes me want to be a bad-American.
No, the presentation is fine. It doesn't need to be 'buttoned up.' It's not a suit coat. It's a presentation. If it were a suit coat or a sweater vest, then yes, it might need to be 'buttoned up,' but as it is, it's just a presentation of shit.
The documents aren't in order? Straighten them out. If you so much as try to 'button' anything of mine, so help me I'll rip off your fingers and dip em in crazy glue.
Are we really that unimaginable as an American society that we need to refer to every day orders of business as if we're putting clothes on?
And don't get me started on 'ironed out.'