Actual Conversation

'You guys get him?' I asked.
'Yep.' said the SWAT guy.
'How?' I asked.
'Teargas.' he said.
'But how'd ya get it in the loft? Through the window?' I asked.
'Nah. Busted a hole through the wall, shot it in. Stormed the premisis.' said the SWAT.
'Wow. He have any guns?' I had to ask.
'No guns. But he did have two swords.'

This exchange took place Thursday, October 16th 2008 at 10:15pm at the intersection of Commerce and Murray in Deep Ellum Texas following the raid of an angry ex-maintenance guy's 5 hour standoff with the authorities.
For the duration of this incident, me and countless residents were not allowed to return to our buildings. And for every minute of this five hour period I prayed that nobody would be hurt, and that Batman indeed existed.
Justin Claus HarderComment