Quick Witted Response (QWR) Slugging Average

That's not what I heard. You just got here, give it an hour. Let's run THAT up the flagpole. That was before the shot. It's called a Bunyan. And why woulnd't you?
So I've been practicing comeback lines to use at just the right time. Ya know, the line that's so quick and witt-tastic it eludes that you're light-years faster than everyone else in the pointless congregation of word-saying we refer to as conversations? I'm probably a 25% hitter. That means that roughly 2.5 times out of ten I say a line that will decently address the awkwardness of the situation or add to it exponentially. But it's that other 7.5 times that I want. I want to be 100%. Is that even possible? Do you want to be the guy or girl that says the right thing EVERY time? Who judges that? The snappy comeback person all the time? I actually hate that person. Always looking for approval after a good line. Don't look at me. Please, just stop looking at me. I'm not going to approve of it. Just chill out. Please just realize that nobody will ever give you the approval you deserve. Nobody. That was what Daddy needed to give you. Mommy approved of you. Not Justin. You said a good line. Get over it. Like a runner. Ya had a good run. Keep running. Can you keep up? Keep churning. Boom. Another line. Now you're rolling. No, don't look. I'm not here. It's just you and the line. One and the same. You may as well just toss another one up, cause you're on fire. You're hot and on fire and fucking on fiery hot fire. Just keep going.
By the way, I just realized that I can do a mean Bill Cosby.
And I just realized that you're an idiot.
Bingo! Up to 30%.