Wall E

I saw Wall E on opening night. My girlfriend and I brought some food in from the food court and plumped our asses down and witnessed history in the making. No, not because the movie was the Greatest and Bestest movie to ever grace the silver screen, but because her and I are apparently the only ones on earth that didn't feel that way.
Maybe it was a bad chicken sandwhich from Chick Fil A that rendered me immune to Wall E's icy robotic steel grip. Or the diet coke was spiked with a serum to turn my heart cold to Eve's wide-eyed stare.
I'm not sure what it was. But it was completely un-memorable to me.
And once again, it doesn't matter what any 'singular' person thinks about any one movie. They're IMMENSE money-making beasts,especially from Pixar, and will continue being such for long after this Blogger's done Blogging. Also, I don't pretend to know how to tell a better story. This is simply stating a truth, from my perspective.
I didn't laugh, I didn't cry, I didn't do much, really. Maybe I don't like robots? Maybe early on in my childhood I found robots to be irksome and creepy. Perhaps the movie Short Circuit ruined it for me.
Maybe the fact that this movie steals the plot from 'Idiocracy' by Mike Judge pretty much verbatem. Future of the world---over run with garbage from years of de-evolution and mass marketing vendors such as Sam's and Costco (called Buy N Large in Wall E).
At any rate, go see it and love it. I know you will.
Bye for now!