Lil' Italy in LA Shorts Fest!

Just got the offical word that Lil' Italy is accepted into the LA Shorts Fest 2008 Fest, taking place from Aug. 15-21 in...well, Los Angeles! Hence the...title...shut up!
"LA Shorts Fest is the largest short film festival in the world and is accredited by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences. We are the only Festival with SIX awards recognized by the Academy."--straight copy c'd from their website!
OK-So that means that the tots from tiny Sicily will be packin' up the sunscreen and headed out West to put on their shindig for all of the stars in the Hills of Beverly and I'll be there every step of the way to make pbj's and rinse mouths out with soap.
If you're in the area of LA during those dates and you don't show up to see em and the festival, then ya know what? No disrespect, but you're a D-Bag. What? I said, no disrespect? You can't get mad cause I pre-cursured it with the 'no disrespect'.
-That lil' speil's from an upcoming webisode with Freddy ranting on the playground-
Bye for now.