Hello. I saw Kung Fu Panda on Friday, opening night at the Studio Movie Grill. Ya know, the place where you can order food and drinks and sit in an office chair while you watch the movie? It's a neat place and the food is decent.
I thought that the previews for KFP looked kinda so-so. Same ol story, underdog beats the Master after much adversity. Ya know what? It was kinda the same ol story. BUT, HEAVENS TO BETSIES, It's a darn good one! And they told it awesomely. It looked amazing. The intro was done in 2D Flash and traditional animation methinks, and it blows your mind clear out of your bahookus. The dialogue is quick, concise and hilarious.
Go see it. Funny, big-heart, killer animation, fantastic backgrounds, great voices. I think this movie brings about a parity in CG animation. Fro Dreamworks, it is much more timeless than the Shrek franchise, which did a lot of dated jokes and situational humor/dance routines. This movie was more entertaining than Ratatouille, hands down. And shorter. It knew what it wanted to be about and it stuck with it. It's all about the Panda.
Anyway-as you can tell, I liked it.
And all the sudden I'm a movie critic.
Bye for now, my apricot sundresses.