Shapes Stars Make

Guten Tag, gentle friends. I checked out a band last night at the Prophet in Deep Ellum called SHAPES STARS MAKE. Now, this wasn't a coincidence that I stumbled upon this show. I was fortunate enough to get asked to do the artwork for their self-titled EP about 2 months ago, and have wanted to see em play live ever since.
Last night they played about a mile from my place, so my girlfriend and I took that as a good sign and decided to go.
And EUREKA. They kickass. Good night nurse, put the bottle in my mouth and put me to bed. Goto their site and listen for yourself. We both loved the hell out of them.
The lead singer's name is Michael Gooden and he's got a brother that made this that played at the AFI Dallas Fest this year. Thought you might care, lovely blog-surfer of posts.
Bye for now--take your mind out for a walk.