Last Night's Screening a Success

Hewo. The cartoon premiered last night at the Magnolia Theater in Dallas. The plan was set--walk teh red carpet at 6 and then hit the premiere at 7:30. I was extremely nervous. I just always want everything to be perfect, and I was hoping upon hope that people would laugh at the tiny italian gangsters I've been laughing at for the past 4 months.
Long story short, people laughed. And that's all that matters to me. Our short was preluded by a few more dramatic and serious shorts, which I thought was a great thing. The fact is, if people are set up for drama, then the shot of comedy would be a little off at first, but then would be welcomed as they settled in with it. And that's exactly what happened. The first minute or two got scattered laughs throughout, but then the second half came on, and people went nuts. I think it kinda caught people by surprise that it was so racous.
ALSO--it should be noted the hometown crowd had practiced their fake laughing beforehand, and am glad they came prepared.
Next showing is tomorrow--Tuesday the 1st at 10:15pm at the Angelika Theater in Dallas.