Caybrew is Magical

The family and I (minus Big E) went to Grand Cayman last week for a little Spring fun on the beach. After spending 4 days there, I've realized a new goal in life. Own a yacht that can have jetskis drop down out of the back. Or sides. Wherever. Doesn't matter.

I heart jetskis with all my heart. They're the most fun I've had in a long time. My dad and little bro and myself went on an hour and half jetski tour that inclded some snorkelling. The snorkelling was fun, and gettin to see a sunken ship was amazing (especially when our guide swam down and not only touched it but swam underneath and through the stinking cabin.) It wasn't like the sunken ship was 10 feet down. It was probably 70 feet down. And there were sharks swimming all around us. I tried to go down and touch it, but the pressure was too much. My head throbbed so badly after about 9 measely feet that I had to swim up immediatley, dodging huge sharks with machine guns in their fins. Waterproof machine guns that shot little bullets made of crabs. Crab bullets.
Anyway, BACK to the jetskis. My lil bro, Chon Wayne, was amazing on his. I tried to duplicate some of the spin moves he did and I wiped. Just wiped out right there in the open sea. I looked down and saw a sea creature looking up at me. With big tentacles and a menacing grin. It was awesome. I flicked off the huge sea monster and told it to go pick on someone its own size. After that, I jumped back up on my jetki and continued the journey.
This has gotten a bit long. To review--goto Grand Cayman. Do the parasailing. Do the jetskis. Do the sun. Don't get hit by cars driving on the wrong side of the road. Get ripped off. Come back to the U.S.
PS---DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF CAYBREW. When in doubt, Drink Caybrew. Have no fear, Caybrew is here. Press 9 if you put Caybrew on your cereal in the morning. Press 10 if you don't eat cereal, but sub Caybrew in its place, so that you put Caybrew on top of Caybrew.
Thanks and good day.